Aspol-FV  Ltd. was established in the last decade of XX century in Poland. Since that time company has been   successfully initiating and consequently  introducing the newest and efficient technologies for renewable energy management. It also needs to be emphasized that in 1992 Educational Training Centre was created in order to share companies’ knowledge with installers and designers.  Educational Department was accepted and appointed  a official member of Polish educational system. Nowadays we have a significant share in overall number of professionals who has participated in our main goal – to strengthen and promote awareness of proper deployment of renewable heating and cooling technology.

Aspol-FV has managed to introduce widely recognizable products  which give us a right to present ourself among leading  producers on the market.  Our appreciated solutions comply with the highest standards and requirements of modern technology.


In 1994 we have designed, built and put into operation first Polish ice field facility which technology is entirely made of plastic materials (PP-R and HDPE). This pioneer engineering investment presents our main and first production department : PP-R and HDPE pipes and fittings.

In 1997 we provided technology for the biggest Tiechelman’s loop based ice field facility in Poland, which also  composed of plastic manifold of 600 sections (1200 inlets and outlets) and more than 37 thousand plastic pipes with anti-freezing glycol solution.

In 1998 Aspol-FV has finished its wide and thorough research and tests leading to develop collector system for ground source heat pumps (GSHP). Energeo system nowadays contributes to expert knowledge and industry vision on proper deployment of heat pump technology. Energeo products are greatly appreciated by best known European and Polish producers of heat pumps. Many respectable engineers from Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Scandinavian countries have supported our efforts aspiring to develop a system solution for GSHPs.  Therefore Energeo system solutions and brand is reserved and protected by law.

In 1999 Aspol-FV has started with ventilation production plant. Ventilation department supervises the production of ventilation rectangular and round ducts and fittings. Today our company is considered to take place among the most efficient and respectable producers in Poland.


We are glad to invite You to familiarize yourself with our products offer. We are proud to give guarantees that our technical solutions combine the highest qualities with reasonable economics. Our contribution to tackling climate change and European energy strategy had led to  dynamic improvement of Energeo sales on the market.



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