The MAVERICK insulation is made of closed-cell polyethylene foam. Owing to a low thermal conduction coefficient, it significantly reduces the costs of building heating and warm utility water. To assure that the MAVERICK insulation has perfect parameters, it is seasoned before selling. During seasoning, the gases contained in cells are exchanged with air, and the dimensions of the insulation stabilise. Aspol-FV's portfolio of polyethylene foams includes pipe lagging and flat sheets (including radiator reflectors and expansion joint tapes). 

System izolacji obejmuje:

  • MAVERICK L-2 pipe lagging insulation;
  • MAVERICK RL-2 pipe lagging insulation;
  • MAVERICK RL-10 pipe lagging insulation;
  • Corrugated pipe.

All types of pipe insulation are made solely of high-quality grey polyethylene foam (L type) or are additionally laminated on the outside with a red PE foil (RL type). The MAVERICK insulation is intended for heating systems, and hot and cold utility water pipelines. Its very low moisture absorption capacity (<1.0%) protects pipes against frost and corrosion. The foil-laminated pipe insulation (red) is designed for concealed piping. The foil shields the insulation from harmful effects of aggressive construction materials and from mechanical damage.

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