Cascade manifolds

ENERGEO cascade manifolds are especially dedicated to GSHP power plants (heat pumps of medium and large capacity) . Takin advantage of this product a cascade of regular distributor wells can be configured and balanced. are especially dedicated to large and medium power installations. Energeo system offers cascade manifolds in the range from 2 to 6 sections connecting 2 - 6 distributor wells. Cascade manifolds are available in two different standard configurations intended for the efficient flow balance:
- “R type” equipped with flow guards with flow meters 60-325 dm3/min on the supply pipes and cut-off ball
valves on the return pipes.
- “D type” equipped with cut-off ball valves on both, supply and return pipes.
Assembly components included.

Please note! Mounting of cascade manifolds inside of the premises without proper insulation may cause water vapourcondensation.

Cascade manifolds diameters

 No. of circuits Cascase bar diameter [mm]  Connection tube diameter* [mm]  Combine pipes diameter** [mm]
 2  200 160 90
3  200 160 90
4  200 160 90
5 200 160 90
6 200 160 90

* Connection tubes from heat pump towards manifold
**Combine pipes connect distributor wells with collecting manifold


No. of circuits  Cascase manifold type D - with valves  Cascase manifold type R - with flowmeters
Product code:
Product code:
2  GEO-RZD-PZ02-2916  GEO-RZR-PZ02-2916
3  GEO-RZD-PZ02-3916  GEO-RZR-PZ02-3916
4  GEO-RZD-PZ02-4916  GEO-RZR-PZ02-4916
5  GEO-RZD-PZ02-5916  GEO-RZR-PZ02-5916
6  GEO-RZD-PZ02-6916  GEO-RZR-PZ02-6916




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