Hotterfield is an exclusive surface heating system created under INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY GROUP with the highest technical standards.
Floor heating (in particular water floor heating) for over thirty years in Europe enjoys a growing popularity. The use of surface heating allows for the distribution of temperature in the room closest to the ideal, improves the aesthetic interiors and achieves significant savings.
Water floor heating system is reliable - each item has been analyzed in great detail before they got into the system defining new standards for the heating industry. Our experience gives you a guarantee of trouble-free operation.
Our floor heating systems (surface) are installed by professionals with permission issued by the Institution of Continuing Education (Department of Education K Registry No. 189) operating at a ASPOL FV.

HOTTERFIELD system consists of the following elements:

  • Distributors;
  • Mixing group (also giving the ability to connect surface and floor heating in one system);
  • The pipe coil made of modern plastic PE-RT and PP-RCT;
  • The system board or aluminum foil as a substrate for laying pipes;
  • Automatics allows you to control the system
  • Mounting accessories and add-ons to the substrates



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