If you are interested in our products and technologies, please sign up for our training courses organised in the Continuing Education Institution (the Education Authorities' Registry – K no. 189). The training is provided in two separate thematic blocks, and covers the following issues.

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Energeo – a ground source heat pump collector system:

  • An introduction to the ground source heat pump system – vertical and horizontal collectors;
  • The latest technology of plastics used in geoexchange systems – HDPE 100RC;
  • Product components used in geoexchange systems − example of Energeo;
  • ThermoCem, dry mortar to fill the annular space in a borehole − correct backfilling;
  • Antifreezes used in geoexchange systems: properties, application and optimum choice;
  • Analytical and exploratory determination of the ground heat flux − the geological profile and the thermal response test (TRT);
  • Introducing Energeo Soft – software for selecting the right geoexchange system for a particular heat pump;
  • Introducing EDS (Electronic Diagnostic System) – a system for diagnosing and recording GSHP operation parameters. Possible ways of controlling system performance;
  • Thermal regeneration of the ground heat source: sustaining an energy source using the WindMaker mechanical ventilation with heat recovery − passive cooling;
  • The most frequent design problems and installation errors – how to prevent and address them;
  • Ground source heat pumps in high-output systems.

WindMaker − mechanical ventilation with heat recovery:

  • An introduction to mechanical ventilation with heat recovery;
  • Mechanical ventilation versus gravitation ventilation;
  • The economic efficiency of mechanical ventilation systems;
  • The Ventilation Law and changes in the law in effect from 1 January 2014;
  • Designing mechanical ventilation;
  • How to select the right components of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery;
  • Installation technology;
  • The most frequent installation errors;
  • Introducing WindMaker products.

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Training department

Majka Rusztyk

42 654 91 69 ext 24

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