HENOCK - Heat transfer fluids

HENOCK products are high performance, multi-component, inhibited glycol based heat transfer fluids designed to harness and transfer naturally occurring heat in both ground (GSHP) and air source heat pumps. Fluids are dedicated for all systems where the anti-freezing liquid is required. The product range exceeds the ASTM 1384-05 corrosion test standard providing high levels of corrosion protection:

  • HENOCK E - ethylene glycol based fluids;
  • HENOCK P - propylene glycol based fluids, low toxic. 

HENOCK fluids have been specifically designed to deliver higher resistance to degradation, scale, bacterial growth and corrosion. HENOCK inhibited glycol based heat transfer fluid formulations are based on patented organic acid technology (OAT), free from amines, phosphates, nitrites, silicates and borax. They do not contain any CMR classified additives.

HENOCK products contain a proprietary blend of biocide preservatives to inhibit biological growth. When added to a clean system, HENOCK heat transfer fluids will prevent fouling of the internal heat exchange surfaces, preserving the heat transfer efficiency of the operating system and reducing system downtime.


Uninhibited glycol (on left side) and Henock inhibited heat transfer fluids corrosion comparison (according to ASTM 1384-05 corrosion test standard, 88oC, 14 days) :


ASTM D1384-05 Corrosion test result table (metal mass loss, mg):


 Henock E (inhibited)

 Henock P (inhibited)


Ethylene glycol + water (uninhibited)

Aluminium  26,7  0,6 110 165
Cast Iron  0,4  1,8 450 1190
Steel  0,1  0,3 212 974
Brass 4,0 2,0 5 11
Solder 0,8 0,3 99 1780
Copper 1,2 2,0 2 4


The results of the tests show that the HENOCK E - ethylene glycol based fluid is 2000 times less steel corrosive than plain water and more than 9000 times less than a mixture of water and uninhibited ethylene glycol.


HENOCK E fluids are recommeded for below heat exchange systems:

  • heat pumps;
  • solar collectors;
  • glycol ground heat exchangers (for ventilation heat recovery);
  • industry heat recovery systems; 
  • air conditioning;
  • artificial ice rinks;
  • "green" lawns, sidewalks and road de-icing.


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