The energy from the core of the Earth and atmospheric conditions are inexhaustible sources of energy, which are more and more often used for the production of heat. The development of renewable energy sources is an efficient way of generating energy and environmental protection. In Poland, the renewable energy sources should constitute 20% of energy consumption by 2020, and the emission of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide should be reduced by 20%.

The indoor air quality significantly affects the comfort and health of house residents. On the other hand the mechanical ventilation also plays an important role in the proper operation of the building. Correctly designed, constructed and operated ventilation system is a crucial element in the functioning of each building. A combination of the A-FV VENTILATION and WINDMAKER technology provides a complete ventilation system with heat recovery.

The Hotterfield System is a comprehensive technology which gives the possibility of selecting and installing the energy-saving surface heating system. This kind of heating method is characterized by transferring the heat energy with a bigger surface (floor, wall or ceiling) at a lower temperature, unlike conventional heaters supplied with a high-parameter medium. This technology guarantees an increase in thermal comfort inside rooms, lower operating costs and improved aesthetics of the interior (absence traditional radiators).

Plastic pipes and fittings system as part of our offer is manufactured according to European standards. Very good properties of plastic piping system such as long life, tight joints, fast installation process and high chemical resistance made these solutions a standard in residential house and all industrial buildings.


The KILFROST technology deliver fluids for de-icing and anti-icing of an aircraft’s surface to prevent against changing the lift force and assuring the safe taking off . The activities are carried out mainly in winter, and the procedure depends on the weather conditions. Together with KILFROST company we also supply fluids for GENERAL AVIATION. 


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